Friday, May 26, 2006

Growing to-do list

The original to-do list for my house included:

* New side door, window, and shingles for my garage
* Paint the picket fence
* Paint the foundation of the house
* Put up a fence to keep puppy out of my flower bed --- no longer needed
* Rehang siding on garage that the recent storms ripped off

* Get basement walls inspected. Paint walls
* Re-grout bathroom floor tiles
* Add trim to baseboards in all rooms
* Once puppy is completly housebroken, get new floor in kitchen installed
* Add crownmolding to the bedrooms and dining room

Here's what I've actually done so far:
* Painted the paito
* Painted the railings on the front porch
* Started to paint the white picket fence by hand and then decided that I need to get a sprayer since after an hour all I had painted was one post and the gate. ;)
* Rehung siding on garage and patio that the storms ripped off
* Filled in holes in backyard dug by Mac
* Planted grass seed
* Dug up cedar bushes and trees from front flowerbed
* Planted new bushes/plants in front flowerbed
* Fixed the sagging gutter on my garage
* Weeded out the section of river rocks by my driveway and put down step stones

* Got basement walls inspected --- still deciding what to do about them
* Got bathroom floor inspected (2 more appointments next week)
* Set up appointment to get sump pump discharge hose taken care of (will be fixed next week)
* Purchased new floor tiles for kitchen --- now, to install them!
* Painted guest room
* Made padded headboard for guest room
* Bought new coffee table (LOVE IT) --- now I need to get a bakers rack for the dining room and I'll be all set
* Reorganized papers/books in home office


  1. what color tiles did you decide on?

  2. My goodness you are a busy girl!!

  3. Wow, you make me feel guilty!!

  4. I only wish Josh and I would do as much as we say we want to. Please pass your motivation on to me!!

  5. Imagine the fun when you are taking care of two houses...

  6. yes, but you have 2 people to do the work so it evens out to just taking care of one house. ;)

  7. Greets to the webmaster of this wonderful site. Keep working. Thank you.


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