Monday, June 12, 2006

House projects are wearing me down

This weekend started out with Kim coming to my house on Friday night to help me finish removing the second layer of linoleum from my kitchen floor. After much scraping and using the heat gun intended for crafts (I use mine for embossing on cards) we got the final layer up!

I spent more $ at Home Depot buying plants and I started laying the new tile.

Sunday morning I finished laying the tile in my kitchen. If anyone is going to do this in the future, may I suggest laying new tile over the old so you don't have to deal with scraping and glue and if you have trim around your door jams use a flush saw to cut the trim so the tile just slides right under (I love my saw). I'm a little annoyed since I pushed the tile as close together as humanly possible but there are still some places where you can see the seams between tiles. I think I'm going to go over the seams with a clear filler to make sure dirt doesn't get between them. Also, some of the tiles seem to want to pop back up since my floor isn't exactly level so I'm going to try to fix that tonight. The rest of Sunday was spent painting the fence, mowing, planting new flowers, and cleaning the house. I hope to finish painting the fence today after work (I found that the sprayer idea sucked so I'm back to painting it by hand using a 2" brush and a 3" roller).

That was pretty much the extent of my weekend. Lots of house projects and I'm still not done!


  1. How does the tile look? You picked the one with more brown tones, right? And our kitchen floor has some tiny gaps at the seams, too - and they do get gunk in them :(

  2. Yep --- I went with the tiles that were more brown than pink. I found a great sealant though so I'm going to try that tonight after the tile guy comes to look at my bathroom grout. ;)


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