Friday, June 9, 2006

I hate linoleum

I went home and proceeded to finish ripping up the old linoleum in my kitchen. This was a long and tedious task (even using the long floor scraper) so I didn't finish until 11. The floor was sticky from the glue residue so the folks at Home Depot told me to put some kind of smelly stuff on it and it would scrape the glue off. What it actually did was peel up the top layer (the thin layer with the design on it) of the linoleum that was found underneath the linoleum that I ripped up. That took forever to scrape up so I left some of it on when I went to bed. This morning I found that the linoleum that still had that stuff on it is now curling up off the floor. Man, I wanted to only take 1 layer of linoleum up so I could lay down the new stuff. Now it looks like I'll be scraping up another layer tonight after work. Will it ever end?!? At least it was a learning experience and I'm proud that I'm doing it all by myself.


  1. Congrats on getting rid of the old linoleum!! I am very jealous. I'm stuck with the ugly black and white pattern for a few more months:(

  2. good for you, I hate how house projects keep evolving into more and more work sometimes, but you are right, great learning experience.


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