Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Busy, busy

Dad is here and we've been keeping busy with house projects.

Saturday: Mom and I went to Lowe's to buy a light and to Pier 1 to pick up my cabinet.

Sunday: Dad and I ran to Home Depot to get some things we needed for house projects. Dad and I tested the circuit box since none of them were labeled and we needed to figure out which circuits went to which rooms.

Monday: I went to work and while I was gone Dad hung up my security light, trimmed the tree branches, planted my pine tree and installed a peephole in my front door.

Tuesday: I went to work in the morning and helped Dad hang my new chandelier in the afternoon. We discovered that we couldn't replace the kitchen light since there's no junction box and we're not even sure how the old owners hooked up the light since NONE of the breakers turned off the light! Very odd.

Wednesay: I worked from home in the morning and helped Dad install my outdoor light and primed the trim to install in the living room and dining room.

Thursday: We installed the trim around the baseboards and added a new stud to the roof of my front porch.

Friday: Added a rosette around the chandelier in the dining room.


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