Friday, September 29, 2006

Getting help from the that is!

Dad and I fixed my front step, hung the new stud on my front porch roof, cleaned the gutters (Lesley, I'll return your ladder today or tomorrow!), covered the side of the back steps so I don't have to look at the cement stairs underneath and did something else that I can't remember. Today's project is to just do the trim in the living and dining rooms and then we'll be done! :)


  1. I saw Grey's and at the end I was thinking - who drinks chanpagne all alone in a hotel room? And now we know the answer to that!
    Also, the actor that plays Mark must eat zero fat and spend all his free time in the gym, because - Wow!

  2. just dropping in to say 'hi'. boy, you're busy. hope you get all your stuff done!


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