Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Busy, busy girl

I was incredibly busy this weekend. I:

-- Painted the porch roof on the front of my house

-- Painted the porch railings

--Planted coleus in my flower boxes that hang on the back patio:

--Bought beautiful new picture for living room (need to figure out what else to hang with it):

-- Took apart the fence along my driveway Sunday morning:

-- Sanded and painted old picket pieces of fence:

--Cut and painted new brace pieces of fence:

-- Put fence back together and attached fence to metal frame along driveway: (it needs a final coat of paint but that will have to wait until the weather clears up)

-- Bought new plants for the living room (I am currently obsessed with plants!):


  1. Holy crap you're busy! I love how your fence looks now. I have been obsessed with HGTV lately and want to re-do our entire house and yard. Watching those shows makes me beleive I can do it so cheaply, too. They have me hooked!

  2. looks great!!! PaPa would be proud...I am. Big Red

  3. Oh my god, you are awesome! Love the plants, love the fence, love the new stuff.

  4. wow! everything looks great. love the picture. :)

    you are way handy.

    I am in to plants lately too. What kinds do you have? any recommendations for me?

  5. I get plants that are hard to kill. :) I'm terrible with remembering to water them so I like things that can survive drought-like conditions. :)

    Thanks for the compliments, everyone! I'm pretty happy with the things I've been able to do to the house thus far.

  6. Would you like to come and work on my house? You did great!


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