Friday, August 17, 2007

Cleaning out my closets

Inspired by my brother, Bruce, I decided to clean out my closets (and dresser!) the other night. I generally do this twice a year - once in the Spring and once in the Fall. I found some great tips online that I thought I'd share so you, too, can clean out your closet in preparation for all the great Fall clothing that is in stores now! :)

In addition to those helpful hints, I do something Yeimy lives by - when you buy something new, one item needs to be removed from your closet. I'm pretty good with this rule and yet I still have a ton that I give away twice a year. (I donate to the US Veterans organization that picks up your goods from your house since it benefits Military Veterans and their families. Did you know that a lot of the clothing donated to G00dwill and the like are shredded to use inside comforters and other household goods? If you have nice clothing - donate it somewhere where you know the clothing won't get shredded!)

I live in a 1940s house - meaning it has very small closets in the bedrooms. My bedroom closet had a shelf and one pole. I added a second pole and still all that fits in this closet are my shirts - long sleeves on the bottom; short sleeves and tanks on the top. I use the closet in the guest room for dresses/skirts/pants/shoes. I also use a four-tier shoe rack in the hall closet for shoes. I have a slight shoe problem. ;)

In terms of the "no wire hanger" rule - I don't use wire hangers - hate them. I currently have a ton of those clear ones (with indentions for clothing with straps) and plastic white ones which I also hate. I am trying to replace them with hangers that won't leave weird imprints on the shoulders of your shirts (you know what I'm talking about!). For my pants, I bought these: Black Friction Swinging 4-Tier Slack Hangers. They are great space-savers, the pants don't slip off the rack and I never notice hanger creases on my pants. LOVE THEM. I'm thinking of getting some of these (Flocked Hangers) for my shirts but man those are going to add up quickly. I am always battling my closets for space and am constantly finding shirts that have slipped off their hangers on the floor. What hangers do you use that you love?

I forgot about my sweaters. Where do those go in the black hole that is my closet? They don't. I also don't have room in my dresser (it is full of undergarments, t-shirts, workout clothes, and such). My sweaters are forced to reside underneath my bed in these awesome garment bags with cedar inserts to keep moths away. The only problem is the bags are canvas so the dust balls that also reside underneath my bed stick to the bottom of them. ;)

How do you find room for all of your clothes? What I'd really love to do is build a small cedar closet in the basement to keep my luggage and out-of-season clothes in (hmmm...project for Dad?!?) like Yeimy's old house had (though not quite as large). I can't imagine having another person in my house since honestly there isn't any closet space for him. I'm screwed whenever I get married or live with someone...

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  1. I started clearing some stuff out of my closet this weekend, too! My dream closet is one of those ridiculous room sized ones that you see on shows like Cribs - I saw one once where every sweater had its own little roll-out shelf, so they could lay flat and never get any creases from folding...I can only dream!


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