Monday, September 10, 2007

Trim in progress

I spent Sunday working on the trim in my house. I got most of my bedroom and the long wall in the hallway done. It takes much longer when you work by yourself (if you’ll recall Dad and I did the entire living room, dining room and kitchen last summer in 2 days!) but at least I’m getting it done! The weird angles still need to be figured out so I’m at a stand-still in the hall (and the two small remaining portions in the bedroom) until I figure it out. I noticed in the guest bedroom yesterday that the old owners used two kinds of baseboard trim – why? So do I replace the one type of baseboard trim so they match or just leave it? If I replace it, I’ll have to do two walls but this also requires me to try to cut larger baseboard trim with J's saw so I’d have to sweet talk him into helping. ;) Decisions, decisions.

I didn’t make it to the HD or Lowes to price cabinets but I need to go to HD today to get more caulk for the trim so hopefully someone whom can answer my questions about my cabinets will be around.

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