Wednesday, October 3, 2007


I'm trying to be more eco-friendly, really I am.
  • I have my home computer set up to hibernate when I am not using it
  • I turn off lights when I'm not in the room (I've always done this)
  • I bought dryer balls (similar to these) so I won't have to use dryer sheets anymore (bonus - no more chemicals on my clothes/sheets/towels)
  • I use a reusable water bottle rather than buying water in plastic bottles that never seem to get recycled
  • I participate in Berkley's recycle program (curbside pick-up!)
  • I don't throw away old clothing - I donate them
  • I carpool (not so much for the environment as it is for my sanity but still)
  • I am planting a new tree in my yard (thank you city of Berkley!)

Things I want to buy:

Reusable produce bags

Reusable grocery bags

What other fun environment-friendly products do you use?


  1. I use those awesome lightbulbs that are only use 5 watts but produce tons of light. I love them.

    I take the bus to work.

    I recycle (it's free here).

    I buy organic produce/food and cleaning products (7th generation).

    I buy old clothes for Alex (love craigslist) and donate everything.

  2. I use the lightbulbs, but I'm really bad about everything else. Disposable diapers are like the worst thing ever, but I don't have time for the cloth ones.

  3. if it's yellow, let it mellow.
    if it's brown, flush it down.


  4. I need the lightbulbs. I *love* organic cleaning products. I also use baking soda and water rather than Drano to clean sink buildups. :)

    Okay, anonymous - that is not exactly an enviro-friendly product. ;)

  5. I love my dryer balls. I want the produce bags, too - but I'm sure I can make them for a lot less.

    I unplug all of my appliances when they are not in use (ok, within reason) so the toaster is only plugged in for few minutes every morning, and my kitchen aid and cuisinart are no longer sucking energy. I also Freecycle everything that still has some use, but I may not feel comfortable donating - I just got rid of all of the plastic pots my flowers came in, two huge chucks of styrofoam, and a dead printer (someone wanted it for the scanner).

  6. I also buy my produce and meat from local sources. :)

  7. I kind of suck at this stuff. I recycle a lot of things from my kitchen - anything paper, plastic, or aluminum goes, including cereal boxes, butter packaging, and milk containers.

    Other than that, I sometimes bring a tote bag with me to Trader Joe's, but I usually forget.

    Yeah, that's about it.

  8. I use paper grocery bags and recycle them, among everything else. We (like Alanna) unplug appliances that we don't use a lot (toaster, blender, etc). We use ceiling fans a lot instead of the AC (whenever possible) to reduce energy usage. But then I counteract all of this by driving 102 miles round-trip for work. *sigh*

  9. Hehe, I can't help but give some other hints since I do this every day for work. Biggest energy saver for the home is a programmable thermostat! They are about $50-75 and you need to programm lower temps while away from home and while you sleep. You can cut your Gas bill by upwards of 20% or more by doing so :) Also soome other quick easy ones are flow restrictors (lil wire mesh washers) just prior to the shower head and if you don't have a low flow toilet then put a brick or water filled milk container in your tank. Also up to 10% heat loss thru openings like around windows. Weather seal with tape makes drafts go away quick! Ok I'll stop as I'm rambling. If anyones interested in others let me know.


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