Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Help me fix my office

One of the things I want to do as part of my 101 list is to get a new office desk. I think you can see why when you look at the pic of my current work area. I'm working from home today and am having trouble getting things done - some files are on the floor, there isn't room to have two binders open on my desk at the same time, I keep knocking things off the corner of the desk as I shift other papers around. I just really don't have enough room.

For those of you who work from home (or even if you just have a nice home office setup) what does your desk situation look like? Do you have a corner desk? Do you have a desk and another table? A small desk (if so, how the hell do you work?!?)?
Current bookcase situation:

I need help getting my home office in shape!


  1. i love my plain ikea desk. I also bought the hanging ikea cupboards with doors. go thru their little home setups. those are pretty inspiring.

  2. I have a large bookshelf/desk combo with an "executive desk" attachment. AKA my place to put all my crap. I got it from Ashley furniture and it's worked so so good for me, and it really feels like an office. Even moreso than being IN the office.

    Here's a link to something similar. I can't find the exact one. But you get the idea.

  3. Jocko built me a desk to fit the longest wall of my office. I have two work stations, which means double to clean, but also means that I can focus on my work and still have a scrapbook project hanging out at the other end of the desk. It also makes a great counter area for me to assemble orders.

    We used an eleven foot long stock chunk of kitchen counter, and bought three kitchen cabinet bases (2 have 1 drawer, 1 door; 1 has 3 drawers). We cut the "kick" off of the cabinets, finished them and then placed the counter on top. The counter is heavy enough to be very stable, and does not need to be permanently anchored to the cabinets or the wall. J attached a keyboard tray to the computer station and drilled holes for all of the wires to go through. My desk is messy right now, but I'll try to get a pic of it on my blog sometime today.

  4. The desk that Heather has a link to is the same desk I have. Mine is a darker wood, but that is the one I have. I LOVE IT. I don't have an "office", but we have an office nook and it fits perfectly in it. We also purchased a book shelf (it is tall) and it is on the wall directly behind it. One reason I love the desk is because it has locks on the drawers which doubles as my filing cabinet.


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