Monday, October 22, 2007

Updated to-do list

Updated to-do list:

  1. Finish baseboard trim
  2. Install crown molding in dining room - priced it at HD and Lowe$
  3. Fix shower knob
  4. Order kitchen cabinet doors
  5. Plant tulip bulbs - to replace those eaten by squirrels/chipmunks
  6. Fix fence by garage
  7. Call Monday to set up estimates for Tuesday: tree trimming, bathroom floor grout, garage (to install side entry door, side window and garage door opener)

Well, the crown molding won't get done by Tuesday night since I still haven't bought it. ;) Nor have I ordered kitchen cabinet doors. More things to add to the list are:

  1. Hang up sensor for indoor/outdoor thermometer
  2. Fix stupid siding that fell off side of garage
  3. Clean house
  4. Scrub bathroom (take apart tub fixtures and clean)
  5. Iron mountain of clothes
  6. Return Kim's saw - see if I can borrow air mattress (By Wed night or I have to sleep on the floor or couch)
  7. Mow lawn
  8. Laundry
  9. Wash sheets for main bedroom (Tues)
  10. Go to grocery store
  11. Go to Target to get dad's gift and halloween candy
  12. Fix chips in tub

I bought a dimmer for my dad to install when he's here (in the dining room). I love my chandelier but sometimes I feel that the light is just *too* bright and I'd like a little mood lighting in there anyway. I also got the quote on replacing my garage door, installing the garage door opener and fixing the broken window - the guy wants $800. Is he crazy?!?

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