Friday, November 2, 2007

Does my house define me?

If someone were to walk through my house would they be able to understand who I really am? Let's experiment by taking a 'tour' of my house:
  • The first thing you'd notice is that my house is insanely organized – nothing is out of place and most containers/boxes/baskets have labels letting me know what is inside of them. Some might say I have OCD.
  • I am not one to have a lot of clutter – no knickknacks, no piles of magazines.
  • My house is painted in calming colors - neutrals for the main spaces (living room, dining room, kitchen) and shades of blue or green for the bedrooms and bathroom.
  • Look around the bathroom and you’ll find that I love D0ve products – deodorant, soap, face cleaner, hairspray, and hair straightening balm. Sprinkled among the inexpensive products are pricier shampoos and makeup - the expensive products are limited.
  • My bedroom is my haven – my sheets are the softest sheets you can find and there are plenty of pillows on my bed so that you can just cuddle up in there. There is always a novel and/or a sudoku book on the nightstand (to keep the mind sharp!).
  • Peek into my bedroom closet – the clothes are organized by type (tanks, tshirt, long sleeve dress shirts, short sleeve dress shirts, pants, dresses, skirts, etc.) and then by color. See, the OCD even carries into my closets! My shoes are in clear boxes that are clearly marked so I can see/read what is in each one. I think my organization helps me get ready quicker in the mornings since I don't have to look hard to find any one thing to wear.
  • Every room is filled with pictures of friends and family and things I’ve collected from various travels.
  • If you were to look in my fridge today (along with my dining room) it would appear that I’m a big drinker. I have three kinds of beer, various liquor bottles, and many bottles of wine. Really I don’t drink that often but I like to have a variety around in case I do want to relax with a beverage.
  • The outside of my fridge contains a calendar (neatly marked with important events and birthdays), a dry erase board with notes to myself, a clip holding takeout menus, a clip holding coupons and pictures of people I love are neatly displayed in frames on the front of the doors.
  • Wander into the basement and you’ll find it full of sporting equipment – skis, snowshoes, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, backpacks, climbing gear, camping gear, tent, volleyball knee pads, ice skates, ski boots, workout gear, workout ball, bike trainer block (waiting for the rest of the trainer!), mountain bike, and more.
  • The basement also has a craft corner where I make greeting cards, scrapbook pages and other random craft projects. This is my creative outlet and I love it.
  • Go outside into the garage - my personality has spilled out here as well. I have shelves that are neatly organized and my tools are neatly hung on the walls. Even the concrete is clean from weekly sweepings.

I think anyone walking through my house would come to the conclusion that I'm a neat-freak, I love my friends/family, I'm budget-conscious, and I'm an active person...I think that is pretty dead-on. What does your house say about you?

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