Thursday, January 10, 2008


Here are my latest:
  • 8-pack of outdoor solar garden lights $9.98 each - reduced from $49.99 each (Target) - bought three boxes to replace the lights SOMEONE broke recently...stupid Berkley hoodlums
  • 10-pack of outdoor garden string lights for patio $2.48 each - reduced from $9.99 each (Target) - bought two
  • KnitSpeak book - FREE! (Won a contest that I entered.) This will be a gift to Yeimy if she ever meets up with me to get it. ;) hint, hint
  • Five pocket organizers - $1.00/ea (Target) for organizing doctor information, money accounts, etc. - bought three
  • Lightweight hiking boots (Merrell) $65.00 - reduced from $120 (REI)

I love bargain shopping! :)

In house news the garage door opener will be finished tonight. ;) Yea - just in time for the cold weather again (I've had to park outside for the past few nights)!


  1. Were the pocket organizers in the dollar bins? I need some. I love those bins at Target!

  2. I'm totally jealous of the solar garden lights. I'm going to head to our local target this weekend and see if I can find some!

  3. yes, yes! let's get toegher soon :)


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