Monday, February 4, 2008

Weekend chores

I had big plans for the weekend including some small chores to do around the house (replace my humidifier filter and hose, clean, shred papers, etc.). I did all of the chores minus replace my humidifier hose (bought the wrong length) and I bought a new boot rug for the backdoor and a hanging organizer for sweaters.

I also tried rearranging the bookcases in my office - I like them all on one wall together so I think I'll keep the new arrangement. I love rearranging my furniture but man is it hard when you have small rooms!

Problem: I currently store my sweaters in canvas bags under my bed since I don't have room in the closet or dresser for them...this arangement is not working. I tried the new sweater organizer that you hang in a closet (put in the guest room since my closet is stuffed!)...I don't think this arangement is going to work either since there isn't enough room and it seems too flimsy. Suggestions?


  1. I liked the etrade commercials with the baby :)

    I have no good sweater suggestions.

  2. I bought some of those snap together wire cubes (only $15-$20) at WalMart or Target, sometimes they're even on sale for $12...anyways, they are at the bottom of my closet, and they fit just underneath all my shirts and pants (I hang my pants over the hanger, so they can get a hanger line occasionally, but most fabrics aren't too bad about that any more). If I get ambitious, maybe I'll take a pic since this isn't the greates explanation in the world. But, I could talk organizing forever. I heart cleaning and organizing:)

  3. I'm with AJ on the wire cubes. I need to see my clothes otherwise I never wear it!


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