Thursday, March 13, 2008

Why do I own a home again?

RANT #1:
Last night I decided to wash some towels and sheets before volleyball. I went downstairs an hour later only to be greeted with an inch of STANDING water on my basement CARPET all around the floor drain. Great. Wonderful. This is why you don't carpet a basement, kids. If it wouldn't cost me an arm and a leg I'd get rid of this berber carpet and get the carpet tiles like Erika has - it would make my life easier.

I put together my brand new (!) wet/dry vac and proceeded to vacuum up the water. 15 gallons of water later (seriously) my carpet was still wet but I had a volleyball match to play so I set up some fans and left for an hour. J brought over another fan so we set them all up and called it a night. This morning when I went downstairs even MORE water decided to invade my home so once again I sucked up the water and am now waiting for R0t0R00ter to call me back.

RANT #2:
I bought the correct cabinets, I did. However, these are made slightly differently than my old ones so in order for the cabinet doors to open all the way, they have to be moved about 2 inches from the wall. problem, right. Wrong. That means that all of the base cabinets along one wall shift which means that I can no longer fit the 15" cabinet in the corner and now have to go with a 12" cabinet. Also the countertop they delivered is slightly bowed...too bowed for my contractor to use so we are hunting down a new one and have to get the store to pick up the old one. That wouldn't be so bad except the store keeps dropping my call. Guess I have to drive there today to speak with someone.

RANT #3:
The wiring that goes to my stove hood is not my contractor will not hook up my hood since he is not an electrician and he will not go against code. Great. So now I have to find someone who is electrically inclined to come fix this. I see spending more $$$ in my future.


  1. wow. all your rants are deja vous except the cabinets. you poor thing. that sucks.

    i just replaced my driver's side window mechanicals. i had to do the ghetto thing in drive thrus and open the door for months. $600 to fix. i might have let the passenger side one go forever. i'm lazy like that.

    RotoRooter will help you. it completely cleared up my problems. tree roots suck. we bought the tree root killer to go down the drain too to make sure it doesn't happen again. we'll just get it rooted out once a year to prevent it so there's never water. but it is nice to have those tiles just in case.

    good luck with everything. what a sucky day.

    if it helps make you feel any better, at least your not home with a boy with pink eye. blah.

  2. Just think - tomorrow is Friday, and soon it will be Spring!


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