Thursday, March 13, 2008


1. L0wes - I hate you. I hate that your manager did not call me back...I hate that I was on hold for a long ass time and no one helped me....I hate that your countertops kinda suck in that they are either bowed or chipped and I hate that I will likely still shop there anyway. You suck.

2. Mr. R0t0R00ter came this morning and unclogged my sewer lines from my basement to the street (city lines). Yea! Cost=$194. He told me to pour some crap down my drains every so often to prevent a back-up which I HAVE ALREADY BEEN DOING (hello, RidX - you suck too). I've owned my house for almost 3 years...I've had my lines cleaned 3 times. I realized last night that this always happens around Jan/Feb timeframe - I think I need to add a task on my calendar for every Jan to have my sewer lines cleaned.

3. My contractor and his son are installing my countertop. Lets hope it stays flat or else he'll be replacing it on Saturday! I can't get my water hooked back up until Saturday but the kitchen looks so pretty already!

4. Is it 4pm on Friday yet?!?

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