Friday, March 14, 2008

Kitchen remodel continues

Today my contractor is installing my kitchen sink, replacing the molding around the window and door that he had to take down yesterday in order to install my counter top, install the filler around the cabinets and finish the side splashes on the counter top. Tomorrow the plumber will hook everything up and I'll have my kitchen back!!!! There are still some holes that need to be fixed from where the plaster came down and a small hole needs to be patched behind the stove and then I need to do touch-up painting but that's all really easy stuff. OH - and the knobs need to be installed - I forgot to ask if he does that or if I need to.


  1. o boy, you better enjoy your last weekend of twenty-nine-ness.
    cute picture of you and Spic.
    doesn't it just make you miss your parents so much when they send you stuff like that?

  2. We should all go out for one green beer on Monday! Maybe to 24 Seconds? I haven't been there in forever.

  3. i love the fact that i haven't had to deal with smoky bars in MN for YEARS. It's completely banned here. It rocks.

    Hope you have an awesome 30th, old lady. (You're still old, even if I am 12 days older.) It's not too bad. I think 35 will be way worse. :)

  4. LOVE that there is NO SMOKING in public places in CO. BIG difference. CAn't wait until MI adopts this idea. I alsways get sick in the bar whenever I come home.


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