Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Kitchen remodel continues

1. The water to my sink won't shut off. It is *still* dripping so my contractor can't remove the sink and old countertop yet.

2. The old (original) cabinets to the house are longer than the cabinets you can buy from the hardware stores (in stock)...something I didn't take into account when I bought my cabinets. So - in order to drop the cabinets so that they align where I want them to he has to drop them 5 inches. Now we have to figure out how to cover a 5" gap between the ceiling and the cabinets. The one side now won't match the other side of cabinets but I think I would rather they be a little lower so I can actually reach them. Oops!

3. My kitchen layout does not make putting in new countertops easy. I now know why my old countertop was a touch too short - because they had to cut it about 1/2" shorter in order to wedge the countertop between the walls instead of sliding it in like you would in a normal house.

My poor contractor!!!


  1. Ah the fun of house improvements! Can't you get some sort of molding to cover the gap??? Can't wait to see it all. Maybe I'll stop by on Wed before vball.

  2. Yes - we can use molding. I'm going to the store tonight to find something. The only problem is that the molding has to be thin enough so that it doesn't stick out from the edge of the soffit. Fun, fun.

  3. seems like that kind of stuff always happens when you do renovations. I always make them tear it all apart and do it the right way (as opposed to jerry-rigging it) even though it takes longer.


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