Sunday, April 6, 2008

Kitchen remodel - FINISHED!

Finally - pictures of my finished kitchen! I have a small galley kitchen - roughly 6' x 9' . SMALL. If you stand in the doorway to the kitchen (from the dining room) there are cabinets along your right and left but none straight ahead due to the window. Before my cabinets were white, smooth laminate along one wall (similar to those you found in your office's kitchen) and original wood ones along the other wall. I had an awful black countertop that I hated since it was so dark.

Now the cabinets are white laminate with cutouts on both sides (they match - imagine that!) and the counterop is gray and brown mixed (it looks like granite but isn't). I love my new kitchen. The walls are a light coffee color and the backspash is still white.

The original cabinets above the stove were 22" high but the new ones are 15" so I'm thinking of making a small open shelf about six inches high to hold cookbooks over the stove - this will lower the hood a bit so there isn't so much space between the stove and hood.


  1. Looks really nice. I like the white.

  2. Excellent clean lines and fresh, new look! My HGTV obsessed self is very impressed:)


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