Wednesday, April 16, 2008

To do list

As always, with the arrival of spring comes a new to-do list of chores that need to be done around my house. I get so much done every year and yet every year a long list of things to fix/replace creeps up again! While I’m capable of doing a lot of things myself, I’ve decided to hire someone to do the things with ** next to them. These items will also be a bit pricy so I need to budget for them (particularly all the work to the garage). My plan is to do the things in BOLD this weekend.
**Re-shingle roof
**Install new side door
**Install new side window
Repair cracks in floor
Remove black paper and old insulation from walls
Fix gutter leaks - if it doesn't rain

Install patio area for grilling
Plant shade-friendly flowers in front flowerbed
Install new solar lights/remove old
Remove gutter above patio roof/install end cap - if it doesn't rain
Power wash house
Fix front steps
Lay down grub killer in backyard (mid-May)

Wash windows (inside and out) - if it doesn't rain
Fix cracks in basement

Install crown molding in dining room
Build and install cubby for kitchen cookbooks
**Re-grout bathroom floor
**Fix roof leak - if it doesn't rain

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  1. That's an ambitious list - this weekend I'm just planning on cleaning out the flower beds :)


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