Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tales of a trap

Look what I found in my trap when I got home from work today:

As I got close I wondered: "Is it the rabbit?" - No.
"Is it another squirrel?" - No.
"Is it the neighbor's cat?" - No.
Holy Crap - it is an opossum!

He was playing dead when I got close to take the picture but when the police came to take him away he was baring his fangs and hissing. I won't miss my new furry foe. I'm ready to give up on catching the bunnies if only because I'm scared of what I'll catch next! I'm thinking it is time for the skunk to make a return visit to my backyard.

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  1. he looks so cute! between you and your uncle bob, our wild animals are nothing! mom


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