Friday, August 22, 2008

Hall closet makeover

My hall closet is tiny and I have so much stuff shoved in there - sheets, towels, medicines, tp, etc. I finally decided to clean it out and organize it so that I could actually find what I was looking for. Everything I bought for organization came from Target or HomeGoods.



  • Woven baskets (small holds extra prescription meds, medium holds travel supplies, and large holds extra beauty products) - $4.99, 5.99, and 7.99 at Home Goods
  • White plastic boxes (for medicines) - $.99 at Target
  • Glass bowl (for nailpolish) - $1.00 Home Goods
  • The sheets are now in my cedar chest and the curling irons are under the bathroom sink.

Organization makes me happy - plus I got to break out my label maker so you *know* I was thrilled doing this project!


  1. I thought it organized before. You should have seen my closets when I was in a studio.

  2. I meant to say thought it looked organized before the makeover.

  3. I swear we're organizational soulmates;) I got to use the label maker at work yesterday. Loved it.

    You have made me wonder what I can organize around here:)

  4. I miss your OCD-ness!! When can we get together?!

  5. I love the baskets. I use baskets/containers under my sink to organize the stuff. It isn't necessarily organized, but it looks tons better than it just hanging out. Great job!!


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