Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Memory Jars

I saw this idea on This Young House and decided to make my own. My collection is on the top shelf in my dining room:

Each jar contains things that are extremely important to me and are labelled (of course!). I have so many things stashed in boxes but this way I can see my momentos every day!

Jars 1-3: Left to Right:
(notice the awesome Yooper dice - each says 'Yooper' and has a graphic of the UP as the '1')

BHS 1996 - cords from graduation, graduation name card, medal from volleyball, tassel.
Lake Superior rocks - every time I go to Lake Superior I collect some rocks. These are some of my favorites and I can remember when each rock was collected.
Hawaii 1996 - part of a sarong, a bracelet I bought in Oahu, tickets from places we went

Jars 4-6: Left to Right:
Me & Papa - sand, seashells I collected over the years and a pic of my Papa and I gathering seashells
MTU 1996-2000 - my honors cords, my tassel, my AGD membership card, and the 'MTU' is from a winter hat I bought my freshman year
Switzerland and Spain 2005 - euros, a magnet I bought in Spain, and some tickets from places we went


  1. That's so cool. Since my parent's basement flooded we had to tear out everything. Along with everything was our trophy cabinets. That's where I kept things like you have in your jars. Now everything is in a big rubbermaid in the garage. I should do something like you so my memories stay with me and not in the basement or a rubbermaid.

    I save a lot of ticket stubs from things like DMB, my first and only Phish show, movies I went to on dates, airplane tickets... I keep all those in the box Laura Skraba made me for her initiation. It's just the right size for most of that stuff but again, I can't see it like you.

  2. I saw that idea - MS or AT? I liked it a lot, looks good!


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