Thursday, September 11, 2008


Here are some of my recent projects. I'm not including things I previously owned in the cost of the projects since some are super old and I've had them laying around forever or used them in other places in the house so there is no new cost to me.

Gate for Sami on the back patio:
used two pieces of 2x3 wood, hinges, eye hooks, old baby gate, white paint

Total Cost: $1.96 for wood, $.98 for hooks, $2.29 for hinges, $11.48 for paint = $16.71

Bedroom: (walls and headboard)

used: Glidden Winter Harbour paint, 4'x3' piece of plywood, extra thick batting, old white sheet, utility staples

Total Cost: $20 for paint, $13 for plywood, $13 for batting = $46

Wall decoration in office:
used: snowshoe clock made by my great uncle (on a real wooden snowshoe that he made!), map of hometown and large frame from Target.

Total cost: $6 for map and $22 for frame= $28

Pictures in the bathroom:
used: old frames I've had for 8 years, postcards from UP, Minnesota and Washington

Total Cost: $0


  1. Sami doesn't jump over the gate? What a good cat!

  2. love the new headboard! where did you end up getting the plywood?

  3. You are so damn wonderful at decorating. I hate you!! So, do you want to decorate my bedroom walls?! LOL

    In all seriousness, I was thinking about making a trip up to Detroit on Sunday. Do you want visitors?!

  4. Great idea for the bathroom - I need new art but want something cheap so if it becomes water damaged I won't be upset. This might be perfect!!

  5. Very cute. I love your colors.... I am a huge neutral/grey/green/blue person too!

  6. You inspire me; your projects, resourcefulness and drive to complete things. That's it, I'm getting off the internet, off my butt and getting something done around here.


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