Friday, September 26, 2008

Yard woes

I have two flowerbeds in the front of my house flanking either side of the front porch. I love the flowerbed on the left side - it always has great flowers/plants in it that grow really nicely spring, summer and fall. The problem is the right side of the house.

Love it

Problem area:

When I bought the house this flowerbed was full of the two coniferous trees and some cedar that I hated. I dug the cedar up three years ago and ever since then I have battled every spring to plant something (anything!) that will live in the predominately shady area. The problem is that the soil from the plants that were there before has prevented other plants from really growing there - besides the tulips in the spring and my hostas in the summer. My poor rhododendrons that I planted this year died (see red arrows below). I'm thinking of just giving up and digging up the rocks and planting grass instead.


  1. Lilies are pretty resilient, and low-maintanence, they might have a good chance....I have a problem area in my landscaped area, too. It's right under the overhang of the roof, those plants get zero rain water, which means I have to remember to water them. It doesn't always bode well for the plants to be dependent on me to remember!

  2. Hasta are supposed to grow well in shade, too, but I'm not sure about how they do in acidic soil....

  3. I have hostas there but they have yet to grow any larger than they were the first time I planted them. At least they come back up each year!

  4. Try a bleeding heart plant. I was told to put pine needles around it to help it grow, and the shade it nice for the plant.

  5. Ferns! I love them, and they look really nice with hostas.

  6. That's odd that your rhododendrons died. They like shade and acidic soils. Maybe you need to have your soil tested from that spot first? I think Bordines does it, than they'll give you a walk through of what you can plant there.


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