Sunday, February 22, 2009

First the the lids

A few weeks ago I hung my new skillets on the wall heading from the kitchen to the basement. This was due to the lack of storage I have in my small kitchen and the fact that they should be hung and not stacked to prevent scratching.

During my last trip to Ikea I bought a hanging lid rack that was perfect for the lids to my new pots and skillets. Previously I had them on a lower shelf near the stove but in order to get to them I had to get on the floor and carefully lift out the lid I needed. The new rack is also hung in the stairway going to the basement so I have easy access to them and they are less likely to get broken or scratched here. Hooray!

Now all of my lids and skillets are hung on the wall. The best part is that they are completely out of the way and still easily accessible. Gotta love using vertical storage!

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