Thursday, February 19, 2009


While preparing dinner the other night I realized that my spice storage lacks...something. Currently all spices are stored in their original bottles in a small basket inside the long cabinet near my stove for easy access.

Let's take a closer look, shall we? What a mess!

Since I do not have room for a carousel or other countertop stands for my spices I decided that I needed to go with what I had and just find a way to improve it. I went through the basket and tossed spices that were expired. Then I grabbed my trusty label maker and made labels for each bottle - to go on the top of the lids so I could see which spice was which without having to lift them each out to investigate.

I then made a list of each spice that I owned and listed the expiration date for each so that I had a quick reference of my spices. This was hung on the cabinet door where the spices are kept for easy access.

I recently bought Ikea's Rationell Variera spice rack to hang on the wall for the six spices I use constantly but I'm trying to decide whether to keep it or return it.

I also discovered that Cost Plus World Market sells spices in small re-sealable bags. This is perfect for me since I'm sure the ground mustard, ground allspice and ground cumin that I already own will go bad before I get to them! I hate spending $2-$4 on spices that get tossed out and the small bags they come in produce a lot less waste for the environment.

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  1. I love the world market spices because if you don't need a lot, then the expensive things (like saffron) become a lot more affordable!


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