Wednesday, March 11, 2009

House Tour: Master Bedroom

My "master" bedroom is the same size as the guest bedroom - 12'x12.' It is tiny...miniscule...barely fits my Queen sized bed. I chose the room on the Southeast side of the house as my master since it is at the front of the house and I liked the placement of the closet a little better in that room than the guest room.

When I bought the house it was a nice shade of green that I really liked, however it had a ton of nail and screw holes that I had to fill and I couldn't get a perfect match for the color. I painted it a sage green the day after I got the keys and before I moved any furniture in.

In September 2008 I decided that I was tired of the green and wanted a nice blue-gray shade to make the bedroom more serene so once again I taped off the room and got out my roller and brushes. I already had a padded headboard that I had made in 2004 during my Trading Spaces phase but I wanted a larger one that stood out a bit more so I tackled that project in an afternoon as well.

The makeover continued in January when I found great new rugs from Target's Home Design Event sale. I just finished the makeover yesterday with new curtain rods, a new throw pillow, new curtains from IKEA to replace the old sheers, and a new bedside table.

From doorway

Closet is on left (next to dresser)

Opposite side of bed

Close up of new bedside table

Wall you seen when you enter room

Close up of curtains

Cost Breakdown:
  • Vivan curtains = $10 for two (IKEA)
  • Room Essentials Curtain rods = $10 each (Target)
  • Rugs = $20 each (Target)
  • Bedside table = $30 (Target)
  • Blue toss pillow = $5 (HomeGoods)
  • Paint = $20 (Glidden's Winter Harbour - Home Depot)
  • Headboard = $26 (plywood - Home Depot, batting - JoAnns Fabric, sheet - already owned)
Total = $151


  1. I really love your bedroom ... your house seems to have so much character, and then you put your stamp on it, and wah lah, a pottery barn "small spaces" ad :-) Come to my house with your bargains? :-)

  2. Thanks! There is nothing I love more than finding a good bargain (or stalking Target until I get one!).

  3. Looove that vanity ! Everything is so nice and neat. And your little patio is the cutest.I love small homes!Please drop by and take a look at my lil cottage .It isnt as charming as yours (new build) but I love it!


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