Monday, March 23, 2009

Bookcase Makeover

Much like the cabinet in my dining room, the bookcases in my home office are dark wood with a dark back panel. I love these bookcases since I have a fair amount of books (I just weeded through them and donated a bunch to the library) and photo albums that need a nice home. I thought that I needed to lighten them up a bit and I didn't want to paint them or the back panel. I decided to make panels that would go in the back of each shelf and cover them with paper instead!

I have been shopping at Anthropologie quite a bit lately between getting things for myself and shopping for other people so I've accumulated quite a stack of their pretty red swirl tissue paper. I hit up my local Dollar Store and bought 12 sheets of foam board and then ran to Meijer for some spray adhesive.

As luck would have it the foam board was the exact width as the larger boookcase so I just had to cut the height to size for six of the boards. I measured and cut each foam board and armed with the adhesive and paper headed to the basement. (*I used Elmer's Craft Bond spray adhesive since it allowed you to reposition the paper as often as you wanted. This was key with getting rid of air bubbles.)

The next step was to spray adhesive to the top of a board, line up the tissue paper on an edge and begin smoothing out the paper over the foam board.

To make this easier I used a washcloth to smooth any ridges and air bubbles and wiped towards me.

I repeated the process for all 12 boards. Once the paper was glued I taped the excess paper to the back of the boards using normal clear tape.

The last step was to place each board onto the correct shelf. To make this easier I numbered the back of each board after I cut them so I knew which board went where. Look at how the items on the shelves pop against the new background compared to the black on the second shelf.

The finished shelves:

A close-up of the paper:

Total cost: $12 for foam board and $6 for glue = $18


  1. I love that your books go from largest to smallest, it makes my Type A self so happy:)

  2. I love this!! Great idea!


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