Thursday, March 12, 2009

Enter! Welcome!

My house has three entry doors: one in the front (living room), one on the side of the house (leading down to the basement) and one in the back (dining room). It is customary for people to enter a home through the front door but mine enters directly into the living room - I don't have any sort of entry space and there isn't anywhere to hang coats or leave your shoes.

The side entrance is never used since that is where I keep my garbage can since I don't have any space in the kitchen for it unless I decide to get a tiny garbage can and keep it under the sink. (the silver bucket is for compost)

The door I use is the back door since I can park in the garage and then enter from the back of the house. This is also the door that I ask people to go to since it actually has space for you to leave your shoes and coat. I've gotten used to my entrances and I don't mind that I don't have a mudroom or any kind of real entrance anymore. The problem I've come across is that I tend to drop my purse, sunglasses, papers, and gloves (in the winter) on the dining room table. I have been thinking of getting a bench to put under the coat rack but that will take up valuable floor space and make the space even more cramped than it already is. So I started thinking of other options and I came up with two solutions. I bought the Lidan baskets from IKEA to hold my winter hat and gloves (seen hanging above - the second is in my bedroom closet).

I then decided to hang a shelf under the coat rack using brackets and a laminate shelf that I already had that were just sitting in the basement. I measured the wall and cut the piece of laminate shelving to size. It was incredibly easy to do and took roughly ten minutes to measure, cut and hang everything.

I placed a small woven white basket from Cost Plus World Market on the shelf to hold my sunglasses and extra reusable shopping bags so everything was in one place. (The thing holding my cell charger is the drinn Mobile Phone Holder from - a gift to myself in December. I love it since it keeps the cord wound and I can hang the phone by the back door so I'm sure to remember to grab it when I leave in the mornings).

Now I have a place to put things when I come into the house, which is great since it keeps the dining table free from clutter.

This project cost me $8 for the two baskets. You can do something similar on the cheap using similar brackets and shelving.

Shelf Clip Brackets (from The Container Store) - love these. I bought two sets five years ago and have the second set in the living room

White laminate shelf (from Lowes)

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  1. Pretty soon you are going to run out of stuff to do at your place and then you can write about all the great things you do to mine! ha ha


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