Thursday, March 5, 2009

High and wide

When I bought my house it came with these lovely (insert sarcasm here!) vertical blinds and a white window sash. They do provide a function - they shut out the light and provide an adequate amount of privacy. I just don't like vertical blinds, nor do I like window sashes.

I finally took down the sash for good a couple of weeks ago and have been trying to determine what to put up in its place. I would love to remove the blinds as well, but Sami loves to poke her head through them to keep a close eye on the neighborhood squirrels and I need something in the window to have some privacy since my front window isn't that far from the sidewalk. I priced wood horizontal blinds but they are a little more than I want to spend on window treatments for a house I don't plan on living in for a long time.

I went to my go-to shop to find an affordable solution. Since the sash was draped over a nice rod I knew that I could keep the rod and just find something to replace the sash. I wanted curtains that would be thin enough to let in some light and when closed would hide the blinds without overpowering the small room. Enter the Vivan curtains at IKEA. At just $9.99 for two panels the price couldn't be beat. The curtains let in the right amount of light when closed yet still look classic when pushed to the sides.

Each panel is 98" long but they come with fusible hem tape. I measured the windows, added a few inches for shrinkage, measured the panels and then cut to size. I then hemmed the curtains, tossed them in the wash, ironed them and then hung them up. It took a while to measure/cut/hem but I'm thrilled with the result.

I replaced the tabbed curtains that were on the side window in the living room as well so that the curtains matched and I just love the light, airy and romantic feel of the Vivan curtains. I already had the curtain rod a little higher and wider than the window (as is always suggested by the pros) but I did make the curtains a little longer so they puddled a little on the floor.

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