Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Knife storage solutions

My tiny kitchen has three drawers - one next to the stove that holds towels, one by the window that holds plastic bags/cling wrap/tin foil/etc. and the large one that holds my silverware and cooking utensils. Half of the drawer has an expandable silverware tray that holds my silverware and knives. The other half of the drawer stores measuring spoons, mixing spoons, can opener, etc. I'm a little clumsy, I'll admit it. So it should come as no surprise that I've actually cut myself trying to grab a knife too quickly out of the tray. This storage option just isn't working for me plus my knives just don't fit very well (I have it expanded so the space is larger than in the image above but it is still a tight fit). My mother has a knife block that swivels out from under a kitchen cabinet and this is what I'd love to get but I'd rather not spend $40 on a knife block, especially since Mom bought hers at the Dollar Store years ago (and yes, it has still held up!).
Since I do not have counter space for an actual knife block I need something that is on the wall or under the cabinets. So my other option includes magnetic strips that hang on the wall and the knife sticks to the strip. IKEA sells three styles all for under $15 but I'm not sold. I'm undecided on the look of the knives hanging on the wall and I'm a little worried about Sami jumping on the counter and accidentally knocking one down thus cutting herself. Take a look at what I mean:

Example from Flickr

Other examples: one and two

How do you store your knives? What other options am I missing?


  1. I've always liked how the knives look hangin on the wall but I'm freaked out that if someone robs my house, they can kill me easily with one of the knives. Hee hee. I really like the block! You should get it! :)

  2. Your fear is also mine! :) I didn't write that since I didn't want to sound paranoid. ha ha ha


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