Thursday, March 26, 2009

More Pillow Talk

I think y'all are right - the bold colors will look great. I saw the green flower ones at Target a week ago and bought two of them to bring them home to see how they looked. I loved them since they were green, had a cool pattern and were more neutral (which is generally how I decorate). I saw the HD ones online and loved the patterns but wondered if they were too bright. When walking through Home Depot last night I saw the brighter ones for the same price as the Target ones (FYI they are cheaper in the store than online) and bought one of each pattern (J chose Option 1 over Option 2 but I think if I go with those I'll do two of each).

I also recently bought a new doormat for the back patio from Cost Plus World Market (YGS will hate it since it has birds but I *love* birds!) and the HD pillows look better with it I think. Thanks for all of the votes - I'm terrible with making decisions sometimes!

Now I just need to spray paint the lanterns, power wash the patio, bring out the chairs and I'll be ready to go. Also Mother Nature needs to cooperate and send us some warm weather that will stay!

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  1. LOVE the doormat. Do you mind me asking how much? I'm a fellow Michigan-der, but I moved out to Denver about a year and a half ago. I found your blog via comments at This Young House and love it!


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