Monday, March 9, 2009

Walking on Sunshine

When I moved into my house the kitchen had lovely black and white peel and stick linoleum tiles that had seen better days. I ripped up two layers of the old linoleum and layed down new linoleum that I loved...until my house shifted and cracks appeared between the tiles. There is nothing I hate more than cracks between floor tiles since dirt gets stuck down there plus it is hard to see all of my hard work coming apart.

I started investigating new flooring options that wouldn't take an entire paycheck. Real tiles would be great but I would have to make sure to get some that isn't too smooth (my luck I would fall on my face after mopping the kitchen) and I hate grout after dealing with the grout issues in my bathroom once the house started shifting. After watching HGTV this weekend I think I found the solution: laminate flooring that clicks into place like the laminate hardwood flooring does.

The style I'm thinking of is DuPont's Amber Random Slate Laminate Flooring.

Home Depot has a lot of color options but they are only available online so that makes it a little harder to pick something out (I like to take it home and see how it looks first). To see all of HD's options click here. Oooh a new floor would make me incredibly happy so it has now been added to my to-do list.

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  1. ooooh. love! i may just do this to my kitchen as well..... :)


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