Friday, March 6, 2009

Wants Minimal Attention

J and I went to Home Depot the other night to get pipe insulators and per usual we decided to look at their plants. Anyone who has seen his house knows it looks like a jungle and I'm beginning to love having plants around as well.

Before we even reached the plant area I saw this beauty beckoning me over: the Zamioculcas.

The tag is what really won me over: Wants Minimal Attention. The Zamioculcas also was tagged as resilient (grows virtually anywhere with little care) and wants low light only. This little beauty is perfect for someone like me who forgets to water plants! Once I got her home I popped her in an inexpensive white IKEA planter and set her on my desk so I can admire her whenever I work. Please disregard the dirt as I still need to wipe off her leaves to get the dirt off. :)

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  1. I need more plants - JJ keeps destroying the ones I had! I love those Ikea pots - they are so cute!


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