Sunday, April 26, 2009

Back Patio Completed!

After waiting for some sunny and dry days, the back patio is finished! Well, minus a couple of things. I want to get a new security light (this one is a dusk-dawn flood light that has a motion sensor on it - love the features but don't love the look) and I need to give the frame a touchup of white paint.

The back patio in relation to the house:


I had a pretty blank slate. I bought the dining table from Meijer three years ago for $60 and the chairs (resin and steel) are from Bed, Bath and Beyond for roughly $25 each if I remember correctly (gotta love the 20% off coupons!). The old owners laid the red pavers on top of the original cement slab and built the wood stairs over the original cement stairs.


I stained the stairs with Olympic's Espresso Semi-Transparent porch stain (this is why the reveal took so long - I had to wait for nice weather!). The new planter is from TJMaxx, the wall hanging is from Marshall's (spray painted white), the doormat is from Cost Plus World Market, and the garden stool is from HomeGoods. (Ignore the broom!)

One of the lanterns I spray painted that I bought on clearance from Pier 1 roughly three years ago sits on the bottom step. I put the flowers here not only to decorate the entrance to the house but to keep Sami out from that area since it is open on the one side and I don't want her to crawl around under there.


athomewithh_doormat_backdoor Another spray painted lantern and a glass lantern from Target's dollar section sit on top of the garden stool. A fat blue and black bird acts as decoration (and ties into the doormat) and guards Sami's stainless steel water bowl (from the Dollar Store).


The brown and green pillows from HomeGoods won after the great pillow debate of 2009. I decided to mix and match since having them all brown was boring and all green was just too much green.
athomewithh_patio_afterAnother planter from TJMaxx (slightly smaller than the first but the same finish) sits next to another spray painted lantern and a second glass lantern from Target. All three items are on top of a placemat that I bought for $1.50 from Cost Plus World Market. It was originally black so I painted it white to tie into the color scheme. I love that the woven mat adds more texture and interest to the table.
athomewithh_table_decor Another view of the gorgeous stairs from the dining table. I forgot just how messy staining is in comparison to painting!

Lastly I hung the large windchime from HomeGoods outside of the patio where the breeze can strike it.
athomewithh_chime Cost of all new items: (already had patio set, three lanterns, white paint)

  • Windchime = $19.99 (HomeGoods)
  • Doormat = $7.99 (Cost Plus World Market)
  • Planters = $4.99 and $7.99 (TJMaxx)
  • Flowers = $6 (Home Depot)
  • Glass Lanterns = $2 for two (Target)
  • Placemat = $1.50 (Cost Plus World Market)
  • Pillows = $50 for four (HomeGoods)
  • Wall Hanging = $9.99 (Marshalls)
  • Garden Stool = $36 (HomeGoods)
  • Bird = $5.99 (Home Goods)
  • Stainless Steel Water Bowl = $1 (Dollar Store)
  • Stain = $11.48 (Lowes)
  • Spray Paint (green) = $3.95 (Home Depot)

Total = $168.87

It was a little more than I was hoping to spend (the windchime and garden stool were extras that I wasn't counting on) but I love the patio now and envision spending a lot of time there this summer. Having the lanterns placed throughout the space make it glow at night so I can enjoy the space day or night.


  1. Turned out lovely! I like the color of the steps (makes a big difference) and I like the Garden Stool (so no returning it!). Now that I see the whole thing, I think you made a wise decision on the pillows. Now you can sit out there and enjoy it all. Too bad you weren't selected for the Home Depot porch challenge. You could have had $500 to spend! ha ha

  2. Oh, and I think the three lanterns you spray painted would look really cool in a row on each newly stained step. (And leave the Target green glass lanterns where you have them, on the stool and on the table.) Can you post a night picture with the candles lit?

  3. It looks beautiful, Heather. Good job!

  4. What a fun space - I really like how it's enclosed with the lattice.... makes me think about doing something similar with our deck :)

  5. Hi, I just stumbled across your blog and wanted to comment on how much I like your house and patio. The patio is so cute, all of the accessories are such a nice touch. I even have the same little green glass lantern you have. Beautiful job!


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