Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Basement Organization: Part 1

With spring cleaning comes organizing the basement. I'm starting with the laundry area since that's where I spend most of my time when I'm in the basement. I posted in April 2007 about the new baskets and labels I put on the shelves in the laundry area.

While this is incredibly organized I don't particularily care to look at it so I decided to buy an inexpensive bamboo blind from WalMart to hide the shelving. ($13 --> originally $26)

It can easily be raised and lowered so I can have access to the baskets behind it. The bonus is that since the basement is all one big open space, this classes up the laundry area a bit so it doesn't look so messy when you are riding the bike or doing crafts in the basement.

I also framed a picture of the UP in a silver frame I had lying in the pile of things to put away in the basement and filled a clear jar with some clothespins rather than have them in a bag on the shelf.

Next up, organizing the pile of boxes and shelf of paints under the stairs (and to the right of the laundry area).

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