Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Comparing Washers

I posted on my other blog that I am looking for a new washer since mine just isn't doing a good job anymore. I want a front-loading washer so I don't have the agitator, which allows larger loads (such as washing my comforter). A huge thanks to AJ for passing along her Whirlpool information - I've been checking out their washers all morning and I think I found one I want! I'm leaning towards the Whirlpool Duet Sport HT Front-Loading Washer.

Some of the key features that are drawing me in (besides the energy efficiency!) are:
  • Ultra capacity
  • Quiet wash
  • 10 preset cycles (mine has 3!)
  • Quick wash cycle
  • Sanitary cycle
  • End-of-cycle signal (mine you just listen for when it has finished moving across the basement floor)
  • Automatic water level control
  • Extra rinse

These features may seem standard and you may have them on your washer at home but trust me, these are LUXURIES to me. Any other suggestions for washers to check out? We get a discount on GE products at work so I'm also checking those out as well but I've always liked Whirlpool and haven't heard anything bad about their products.


  1. I have a plain 'ole nothing fancy Whirlpool (we're talking like $350) and it's great. Not front loading, but just for brand reputation... I would say Whirlpool and Kenmore are nice. I bought mine after referencing the Consumer Reports issue that rates washers and dryers.

  2. The only problem with front load washers is they have a really bad tendency to get all moldy because they don't dry out as well as top loaders. Companies like whirlpool have tried to fix it with making holes for extra drainage in the gasket area but it still rarely helps.

    My suggestion if you do decide to go with a front loader is that you leave the door open after washes in order for the unit to dry out.

  3. We just bought a dryer from the Sears OUTLET ... it's GREAT if you want a high end machine for low price and don't mind some scratches ... if your machine is in the basement, who cares, right? We got a Kenmore HE5 $1100 machine for $400!

    I agree with Amanda, look in consumer reports and THEN search around for user reviews. On their 'best buy' dryer, it got horrible user reviews.

  4. We have a GE set - front loading washer and dryer. I LOVE them. I had a friend who worked at GE and we got a discount similar to what AJ gets at Whirlpool. I would say though if you can afford to do it - get the set. Seriously the difference between our old dryer and the new front loading one is like night and day as far as the wear and tear on our clothes. The lint trap does not get nearly as much in it, but the clothes still look great - hence clothes lasting longer. I love the extra capacity too to do all of our jeans at once!


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