Sunday, April 19, 2009

Door Color Dilemma: Solved!

I decided on a front door (and side door)! Thanks for all the votes - I took everyone's opinions and comments to heart before I chose.

How did I choose red?
Besides the fact that it was the overwhelming winner by all of my wonderful readers it was the original color I was drawn to until I started looking at all the red doors around Berkley. I walked down my street and there is only one other red door but many blue doors so I ruled out blue. I want my house to stand out on my street after all. The green was nice but too close to the blue and the yellow would be cool but I'm not that daring.

What shade of red did I choose?
I narrowed down my many choices of red (seriously how many shades of red can there be?!?) to Behr's Red Red Wine (S-H-130) or Chianti (S-H-150). I was loving the Red Red Wine at Home Depot but I wanted to be sure of the color before making such a big commitment. I bought two samples for $3.97 each to test before I make my final decision. Note that both are much brighter in person than on screen (at least my screen).

How did I finally decide?
I painted two pieces of foamboard with each color to place on the door to see which I liked better. I then stood back to see which shade went with the house better.

The Red Red Wine (top) had more blue in it and the Chianti had a bit more brown to it. I am 90% sure I'm going with....Chianti! or Red Red Wine! I'm still not 100% decided but at least I have it narrowed down to a color family. :) Little steps, people...little steps.


  1. I can't say that i'm drawn to either one of these but I would definitely go with the Red Red Wine out of the two, the Chianti looks purplish with your siding.

  2. Stumbled across your blog recently through a comment on I have loved reading through your archives and watching your progress in your home.

    I agree with Melissa. The Chianti looks (at least in this photo on my screen) a little more purple whereas the Red Red Wine really packs a punch and says, "Look at me!" Tough choice though, they are both beautiful shades of red!

  3. I feel as if the Red Red Wine is a warmer color and the Chianti is the cooler color with blue undertones. I think Red Red Wine will look great with your house colors- seem to be the same undertone families.

    I see you said that the Red Red Wine has blue undertones, so maybe what I see on the computer isn't "true to color." I pretty much despise picking paint colors out, there are SO MANY different options. I always get nervous I won't like it after I spend all the time selecting it and painting it! Good luck and can't wait to see what you pick!

  4. Thanks, everyone. Melissa, I went with these two colors since I was immediately drawn to them out of all the red samples. I don't want fire engine red since that's just not my style so while I want red I want something a bit more subdued.

    I'll leave the colors on my door for a few more days until one stands out more than the other. Or until my neighbors decide to come over and pick a color for me. :)

  5. I personally like the Chianti with your siding color and your black shutters. It is very close to my door color, and I have the same tones in my siding color as you. But both are really nice, IMHO!

  6. You can't go wrong with either color. It's a matter of bright and cheerful or sophisticated and earthy, I think. I'm drawn to the chianti.

  7. That's the color I painted my door when I was in Berkley! ha ha!

  8. YGS - Which color did you paint your door?

  9. I drove past your old house yesterday actually and noticed the door. Too funny! :)


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