Monday, April 6, 2009

Hi...My Name is Heather...

...and I have a pillow problem. Seriously, I bought *three* more outdoor pillow styles this weekend. Three. That brings my total up to seven. HomeGoods (the store I just got the three new ones from) only has a 30 day return policy so I have less than a month to make up my mind on which pillows to keep. The saddest part? My favorite is brown with white detail...the plainest of the bunch and there's not a speck of green on it. I also got some pretty green planters to spruce up the patio.

J is helping me pick a paint color to use somewhere back there. What am I painting you ask? I can't tell you. I know the suspense is killing you all.

UPDATE: Make that four new pillow styles. That's what I get for "quickly" stopping in the Ypsi HomeGoods while I ran out for lunch. (the new pillow is green but in the same style as the brown! I need to take pics)


  1. I don't see why you can't use brown/white pillows with the accent of green in your pots and your mat. Not seeing the pillows, it sounds OK to me! I also went to World Market and they had lots of the different door mats for $7.99! I actually didn't end up getting the birds, I got another one but thank you for letting me know about them- I love it!

  2. Weren't they great?!? I had a hard time choosing but I just loved the birds. I now wish I had gotten one for the front door as well.

    I'm leaning towards brown pillows with pops of color in other areas. I change my mind on colors so often and I think the brown ones will have a longer life at my house.

  3. Let's see what the brown ones look like! I bet they'll work. If you're not in love... keep looking!

    I like the Peacock door mat at World Market (SKU# 414280), but I already bought one recently from Walmart. We have a Peahen that roams wild in our neighborhood, so anything peacock related is fun for me to collect.

  4. I know, I'm thinking I may go back and get one for the front door too- $7.99, such a steal!


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