Thursday, April 16, 2009

More uses for bamboo shades

I recently posted how I used a bamboo shade to cover open shelving in my laundry area in the basement. While at KMart (looking for a large baby shower gift bag) yesterday I found another style of bamboo shade on clearance for $7 (down from $20). It was the perfect width for an opening I have been trying to decide how to cover...the bottom of the basement stairs!

If you recall I had to recently take the door off of the kitchen that leads to the basement since I moved Sami's litter boxes down there and she needs constant access to her boxes! I don't like having the basement exposed for all to see since it's not finished and it tends to be a place where I just drop things until I have time to find a proper home for them (or give them to Goodwill). Enter the new bamboo shade.

I have it rolled up a bit on the bottom so she can come and go as she pleases but the bulk of the opening is now covered. The ceiling at the bottom of the stairs is slanted so it was interesting figuring out where to drill the holes for the hooks (and it took me two tries) but I think it looks great. Now I'm the only one who knows what surprises lie in the basement.

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