Monday, April 20, 2009

Nothing some spray paint can't fix!

In between power washing the house, patio and patio roof I worked on some projects for the back patio and front porch on Saturday. The 80 degree day was begging to be spent outdoors. My tools of choice were a can of hunter green, a can of white spray paint and some cement patch.

These old pale blue these lanterns took on a new life with a little green.

This new wall hanging was silver but since silver doesn't tie into my revamped patio a new color was a must. I couldn't decide between the green and white but after I went with the white I knew I made the right choice.

The house numbers were once an ugly brass mess but now they are white and clean. They are also easier to see from the street now so that's an added bonus!

The front porch used to have metal railing (my best guess) and what was left behind are some ugly, rusty squares in the cement slab. I used some arm muscle (seriously, getting the cement to come out of the tube was exhausting!) to clean and then fill in the old holes with cement that is curing as I type. Next step - paint the front porch a new, lighter shade --- that's next weekend's project!

The porch and patio are almost complete...just in time for warm weather!

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  1. Yes, it's best to get rid of any brass. Can't wait to see After pics.


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