Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pillow Debate Continues

I finally decided to return some pillows last night. These did not made the cut (along with another one that I already returned):

You'll notice that the pillows that started this pillow debate have been returned. I loved the brown with green flowers (it is reversible so green with brown flowers on opposite side) but it is quite large and I was able to only find one...I'd need four.

The finalists are a green and brown with simple white detail. They aren't bright or incredibly 'summery' but I know me. I tend to change my mind on colors and patterns often but I can see loving these for more than one summer. They are indoor/outdoor pillows so I could even use them in other rooms in the house if I decided to go that route.

The only question is whether to mix and match or go with just one color. I have green accents in other areas (planters, wall hanging, lanterns) so if I go with the brown I won't be missing any color. Decisions. I'm leaving today for a long weekend so I won't be posting until Monday. Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Mix & match! And, I agree- I change my mind so much that I would see pillows I like better next year, so buy the cheapest that way you don't feel bad swapping out next season.

  2. I'm drawn to the brown. I really like the pattern on these. Have a great weekend!

  3. Heather, you have to check out this post: An Ode to Yellow Doors.


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