Thursday, April 23, 2009

Recycle It!

I thought I'd post about my recycling setup here at Casa H since Earth Day was yesterday. When my kitchen was remodeled I asked to keep one of the old bottom cabinets and the leftover new counter top so that I could put them in the basement for more storage. The cabinet shelves and drawer store extra kitchen gadgets that I don't use frequently (waffle maker, grilling tools, crock pot, blender, etc.) since there isn't room for them in the kitchen. I decided to use the top of the cabinet for my recycling center and I hang some larger reusable bags on hooks above the cabinet. The twine is for wrapping large cardboard together and the glass bowl holds batteries.

Berkley gives its residents a blue recycling bin in hopes that people will recycle rather than just throw everything in the trash. I admit that when I first moved into the house four years ago I didn't recycle much since we didn't grow up doing it and I didn't really know what you could recycle or how. I slowly started with paper goods and milk jugs but have expanded my recycling due to an article I found in Real Simple magazine (which I tore out of the magazine and keep in my Inspiration Folders for reference).

Walking up and down the stairs to the basement is good for the tush and legs but not practical every time you want to put something in the recycling bin. I keep a medium sized bin under the kitchen sink for most of my recyclables (even soda and beer cans/bottles that I return for the MI deposit). I love this system since I can gather a lot of things and I make fewer trips to the basement.

The other place I have a bin for recyclables is in the office. Since I open and pay all bills there it makes sense to collect paper there as well. I put a pretty bin from HomeGoods under the printer so I can easily toss paper in.

There you have it. I feel good every week when I put my trash and recyclables outside for pick-up since my blue bin is stuffed and my garbage bag is pretty small. Stay tuned for a post on my adventures in composting and how I reorganized my kitchen to accomodate it.

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