Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tour: Home Office

This is where I spend my Thursdays when I work from home. I am also the Webmaster for Creative Spirits so I spend time updating their website from here as well. I've been updating this room since October 2007 when I had a much smaller desk and a tiny bookcase.

From door:

I have to keep a divider near the CPU so that Sami doesn't get back there and play with the cords (she *loves* cords) and the white vinyl basket in front of the CPU holds my camera and iPod cord so they are within reach. The basket is from a small store in the UP - a gift from my mom and dad last year. Under the printer is a storage box from HomeGoods that I use to hold paper to be recycled. The desk is from Pier 1 and the chair from HomeGoods.
J doesn't like these shelves (too industrial) but I love them since they serve their purpose and I can easily rearrange them. I've thought about painting the vertical bars the same color as the wall but just haven't gotten around to it and I don't know if I would like it! A few of the accessories are from IKEA - white frames, bud vases, planter. I plan on painting the wood frame white as well and then these should be done for a while.
To right of desk:
Love the new gray storage box that I scored from Target to hold extra throws and the chair and pillow from HomeGoods. (The pillow is reversible - lighter blue on one side and this darker shade on the other)
Behind desk:
These are actually two bookcases that I got from a local furniture store a few years ago that I recently made over. The curtains are the same as the old linen ones from the living room (that were moved to the guest bedroom) and Sami is enjoying her new window seat. Funny that she was wary of it at first since now she spends her entire day there! I may replace the curtains with the Vivan ones from IKEA that I have in the living room and bedroom but these match the ones in the guest room so for now they will stay.
This room is much more functional with the new desk and I love the new chair since I can sit at the desk and actually type without getting arm pains now.


  1. Love the color of your walls in there! Can you let everyone know what it is?

  2. That's a great transformation before/after! That black guest chair was a great find. Wow, $30!
    —Emily from

  3. I'm trying to find the paint color for you! I know it is Ralph Lauren but the old owners painted the walls in the office (and I liked it so much it stayed - one of the only two colors that are original to the house).

  4. I really love that chair, and even better the kind of deal you got on it. The only thing I don't really like is the pillow. Actually, I like the pillow but not with the chair. I think maybe because it looks like a cushion and its too big for the back of that chair.

  5. I go back and forth on the pillow as well but what I like about the size is that it fits your entire back vs. a smaller pillow that will only support your lower back.



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