Thursday, May 28, 2009

Basement Organization: Part 3

I finally finished the laundry area in the basement. Part one included hanging a bamboo shade to hide storage and part two included hanging pegboard to organize my tools. My final steps included cleaning up the area under the stairs.

You may notice that something is different here from part two - I moved the rack for holding the hose and attachment for the wet vac and installed a rack for holding cleaning tools instead. Things under the stairs include: paint (lots of it), extra house supplies (hand soap, napkins, etc.), and boxes - for shipping things and for things I bought (notice the large tv box!). I started by gathering all of the boxes I use for mailing and put them in a new spot in the basement (info to come later). I broke down the other boxes and now have them stored flat and out of the way. I went through the paint and removed the cans that are for colors that are no longer in the house (the old owners had purple, some white, yellow, etc.) so I can dispose of them properly.
This is the area that I iron my clothes so I wanted to close off this opening as much as I could so I decided to make a curtain of sorts out of old scrap material from the curtains I recently hung in the living room.

It appeared that the old owners had previously hung something here as well since there were heavy-duty pushpins already in the wall.
I like this arrangement since I still have easy access to the space and things under the stairs but with some of it blocked off I don't have to stare at boxes while ironing (which I do entirely too much of).

Recently I purchased a clothing rack from Target on sale to keep in my laundry area. This makes ironing even easier since I can immediately hang things as soon as they are ironed rather than resting them on the dryer. That's it - the laundry room is now organized and clean! All I need now are a new washer and dryer!

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