Thursday, May 7, 2009

Garbage can switcheroo

Since I am now collecting kitchen waste to use in my compost bin I needed something to store my food scraps so that I'm not making 1,000 trips outside to the bin. I bought a stainless steel compost pail from HomeGoods for $15 that I keep under my kitchen sink but it is cool enough that I could keep it on the counter if I wanted. It has a tight-fitting lid that holds a charcoal filter, which controls odor for up to 6 months. You can buy similar ones from Target for $60 so I'm happy with my deal!

I wanted to store my food scraps under the sink so I had to make room. Previously the cabinet under my kitchen sink stored my recyclables and cleaning supplies. I moved the recyclables to the right side since there's not enough space to put a garbage can and compost pail under the garbage disposal. The left side now holds my compost pail and a small garbage can for the little waste that I now have.

Racks on the doors hold my Mr. Clean magic erasers, sponges, and the cleaning supplies I use daily (stove top cleaner, Method kitchen cleaner, dish soap).

Since the garbage can is now located under the kitchen sink my old, larger garbage can is no longer blocking the side entrance. I can actually use this entrance now if I need to (which I did when I stained the back stairs and painted the front porch on the same day - thank goodness for a third door!). I also replaced that larger step stool with a smaller one that compacts small enough to fit next to the refrigerator in the kitchen (a step stool is necessary if I want to use anything other than the lowest shelf in my cabinets!).



So if I removed my cleaning supplies from the kitchen where did they go? I bought an inexpensive large basket from Target that now stores the cleaning supplies I use weekly (floor cleaner, window cleaner, dust spray, bathroom cleaner, etc.). I store this in the basement and just bring it upstairs when I want to clean.

If you really want to be inspired, check out this blog about a couple that generated only one bag of trash for an entire year. Amazing.

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