Thursday, May 21, 2009

House Tour: Guest Bedroom

When I was looking for houses I specifically looked for one with three bedrooms so I could have the master, a guest bedroom and an office. Since closets in 1940s houses are so small my realtor tried to talk me into turning my third bedroom into a huge closet instead but I'm happy I went the guest room route since this room has been used countless times in the past four years. It's nothing spectacular but I love the simplicity in this room.

From doorway:

The bed is actually a wooden futon with a thick, spring mattress. I bought a full sized box spring to put on the futon to raise the mattress a little and offer more support. The headboard is homemade, the rug is from Urban Outfitters, and the bedside table is from Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Close up of new rug:

Close up of bedside table:

The lamp is from Pier 1, the white box is actually a napkin holder from Target (holds lotions and such for guests), and the candle holder is from Anthropologie. The table holds extra linens.

From bed:

Th cedar chest was a college graduation gift from my parents (holds extra bedding and is great for putting your suitcase on), the curtains are tabbed curtains that used to be in living room and are from Target, and the shelf was made by my father. Eventually I'd like to replace the curtains in this room and the office with some that reach the floor but it's not a top priority right now.

Close up of shelf:

I decided to put a pretty Anthropologie handkerchief in a white frame from IKEA to personalize the room a little since my last name starts with "S." Also on the shelf is a picture of my parents and a stuffed bear that I received after my scare with skin cancer. The bear is from the American Cancer Society and my parents gave it to me to show their pride in me coming out of surgery cancer-free.

Close up of Zamioculcas:

I totally ignore this guy and he has doubled in size! Gotta love plants that thrive with minimal attention!

So that's my tiny guest room (which just so happens to be the same size as my master bedroom!). I'd love to get a new light fixture in here since the current one is so industrial but again, it is not a priority right now.


  1. I heart plants you can ignore!
    I kill all others!

  2. that rug is fantastic!

    i'm off to urban outfitter's website...


  3. ZZ Plant one of my favs! Looks great!


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