Friday, May 15, 2009

Outdoor Storage Solutions

After my patio revamping project I decided that I needed something to store my new pillows in when it rains instead of stacking them in the dining room (which was driving me crazy). I've wanted a deck storage box for a while and was thrilled to see them on sale at Target this week. I immediately ran to my nearest Target on Sunday to snatch one up before they were gone.

Here is my new box in her current location next to the patio. This is the space that I am going to have someone put down a cement slab since this is also where I normally keep the grill in the summer. It would be nice to grill on a hard surface rather than on grass.
The size and color was perfect and you really couldn't beat the price ($44.99 versus $60). Here it is from the front:
The lid stands up on its own when open and true to its description, water does not get in the box.

Love it! You have a couple more days to run to Target to get one for yourself if you are trying to decide how to store things outside. This can be used for pillows like I did, BBQ tools, gardening supplies (tools, dirt, etc.), or outdoor toys. In fact mine also has my croquet set and BBQ tools in their nice case inside. Gotta love multi-purpose storage!

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  1. I thought about getting one of these for my yard to put our grilling tools in, since my hubby is in love with his grill. Thanks for the advise on the rats!


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