Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Preparing for the Farmers Market

Sunday, May 17 is Flower Day at Detroit's Eastern Market where over 15-acres of the highest quality annuals, perennials, foliage, shrubbery, trees, exotics, tropical plants, flats, hanging baskets and more will be available for purchase. I cannot wait!

Last weekend was my first trip to Eastern Market this year and I forgot how busy, bright and fun it is...not to mention crowded! We arrived at 7:30 on Saturday morning and the ramp to Mack Street was already starting to back up. We found an easy in/out parking spot near the market and armed with a collapsible market tote and a RuMe bag we began our trip. I was jealous of all the people with the garden carts since you could easily put flats of flowers/plants on a cart and wheel it around. I had intended on using my collapsible tote for getting a few herbs and plants and then using the RuMe bag for produce but my plan veered off course when J found some Lupin (or Lupine) he wanted to buy. He forgot his tote and bags at home (I bought him a tote last year that is similar to mine) so we used my tote to cart his plants around. Since this coming weekend is Flower Day and I intend to load up on coleus and other plants I'm going to need something better to cart my purchases around in. Enter the garden carts:
This one does double-duty since it has sides but you can also remove them to make a flatbed. It is ~$100 at Home Depot.

You also have the standard flatbed cart ($75 at Ace Hardware):

Or my favorite (and most expensive!) is the folding garden cart (~$200 at Ace Hardware):

The folding cart would be perfect for the Farmers Market since I can fold it down to fit easily into my compact car but I can't justify spending $200 for a garden cart. I love the dumping garden carts but since they don't appear to be as flat I'm not sure how useful they will be at the Farmers Market. I could always get a kids' red Radio Flyer Wagon (or one with sides)!
If anyone knows of any other great wagons, drop me a line!


  1. OMG! I forgot that this weekend was Flower Day! Thanks for reminding me! Today and tomorrow at Cranbrook, they are selling plants that they grow on the grounds. It's worth checking out.

  2. I'd try craigslist! score a deal on a radio flyer under the kid's section or some other used wagon that you can fix up with some paint. :)


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